About Firebrand Talent Search

An award-winning Australian recruitment agency, Firebrand ignites the careers of Marketing, Creative and Digital specialists by matching outstanding Talent with great companies.

We place talented professionals in permanent positions in the following areas:

      •       Account Management & Strategy
      •       Digital Creative & Development
      •       Digital Production
      •       Digital Marketing
      •       Media
      •       PR & Communications
      •       Search & Analytics
      •       Social & Content

We have two offices in Australia: Melbourne & Sydney.

About Firebrand's eSalary Survey Portal:

eSalarySurvey is a specialist salary comparison site run by leading Marketing, Creative and Digital recruitment specialists - Firebrand Talent Search.

The site was launched in October 2011, and the salary database grows each week in size and richness due to contributions from people just like you!

The salary survey covers all cities within Australia.

The site's aim is to give Marketing, Creative and Digital professionals a mechanism to openly contribute, share and exchange salary data about their industry.  Think of it as crowdsourcing meets salary data ... we collate salary information gathered from Marketing, Creative and Digital professionals like you so that the combined salary database delivers something of real value to the entire industry.

Finally, you'll have accurate insight into what people in the Marketing, Creative and Digital sector are really earning.

Salary information is entered online by Marketing, Creative and Digital employees and compiled anonymously so that other industry professionals, free of charge, can determine how their salary compares to their colleagues.

All salary data is shown ‘live’ (in real time) – so the moment salary data is entered it becomes available to the entire community.

Importantly, the impact of factors such as company size, gender, location, industry, years of experience, and number of direct reports can also be included in salary searches to ensure the most accurate and relevant salary data is delivered to you.

The information is 100% free for anyone to view. 

A full search engine with some of the Marketing, Creative and Digital sector's
BEST JOBS is also available as part of this salary portal. Search or browse these jobs now.

Firebrand Talent Search has re-licensed the salary portal technology from Australian firm - Quinntessential Marketing.

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Please note -

While this is an anonymous site, your exact title will be published to allow Marketing, Creative and Digital professionals to easily compare the salaries of most relevance to them.  If your job title is highly unique or identifiable we recommend you generalise your job title to ensure your entry remains completely anonymous.

[2] Want to remove a salary entry that you have entered? Perhaps you entered a job title that was a little too specific? Maybe you entered your details incorrectly? Whatever the reason, we are more than happy remove your salary entry for you right away. As the profile is anonymous (no name, email, etc, is published), to identify your entry correctly we will need you to simply:

  • 1. Go to search salaries to run a search to find your salary entry in the “Last 5 Peer profiles” section.
  • 2. Once you find your profile, click on the ‘Report This Entry’ link and type – “This is my salary – please remove”.
  • 3. From there we can identify it and remove it from the site (typically within 24 hours).

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